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  1. Screenshot of Website malware scanner

    Website malware scanner

    Handy for checking if a site has been hacked.

    Saved by: Paul on 23 Mar 2017

  2. Screenshot of Side income idea

    Side income idea

    Editing Wikipedia articles - so would need to ensure not doing it for dodgy purposes. Could be good for stay at home parent

    Saved by: Paul on 17 Mar 2017

  3. Screenshot of Email Preview Testing

    Email Preview Testing

    Service which lets you preview how HTML emails will look on various platforms

    Saved by: Paul on 8 Mar 2017

  4. Screenshot of Brighton and Hove Motor Show

    Brighton and Hove Motor Show

    On Sat 10th & Sun 11th June 2017 at the AMEX stadium in Falmer

    Saved by: Paul on 7 Mar 2017

  5. Screenshot of Cartoon County

    Cartoon County

    The Sussex Cartoon and Comic Strip Artists Association

    Saved by: Paul on 7 Mar 2017

  6. Screenshot of Animations of engines

    Animations of engines

    A wide variety of engines shown working as animated gifs. Wonderful way of explaining them.

    Saved by: Paul on 17 Jan 2017

  7. Screenshot of Dell special deals page

    Dell special deals page

    Not sure if this is always their special deals URL, but worth a look

    Saved by: Paul on 28 Nov 2016

  8. Screenshot of HP Spectre multi-format laptop

    HP Spectre multi-format laptop

    Interesting, look at it (or most recent version) when ready to change laptop. May want to try Windows 10 in a VM before are sure wanting to change back.

    Saved by: Paul on 26 Nov 2016

  9. Screenshot of Electron - desktop apps from web technology

    Electron - desktop apps from web technology

    Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

    Saved by: Paul on 18 Nov 2016